Friday, February 6, 2009


I absolutely LOVE means the weekend is just HOURS away!! I am SOOO ready for the weekend. No big plans for Saturday; but Sunday is Zach's birthday, and he will be 11 years old! WOW! Where does time go?! Seems like just yesterday he came into our lives. Tomorrow, Wes will be taking him and a friend to the movies to see The Pink Panther and then I'll meet them at Red Robin for dinner. On Sunday, my family will be celebrating Zach's birthday (& my mom's as her b-day is on Tuesday) at Joe's Barbecue. He requested ribs. :) Then, it'll be cookie cake for dessert.

The temperature is supposed to be about 80 degrees tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Looks like winter is over; and summer is just around the corner. (Southern Texas skips Spring...LOL).

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