Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reflecting & Smiling

For the past couple of days, I have been reflecting, remembering & smiling about a lot of WONDERFUL memories I had with two very special people -- my grandparents. I think of them often and miss them dearly. Well, earlier this week, my grandfather's best friend, Marvin Herman Wiede, passed away at the age of 92. I knew him very well through my grandparents. He was like a part of our family as well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend his memorial service to give my condolences in person to his wife -- of 69 years -- Lillian, and the remainder of his family. I did, however, sign the obituary guest book in the Victoria Advocate with permission for anyone to contact me via e-mail if they so wished. Well, last night I noticed I had an e-mail in my "Junk" folder (it came through as Spam); and it was from Mr. Wiede's granddaughter Ashli H. Here is what she said:

"Hi, Melanie. My name is Ashli, and I am Marvin's grand daughter. I just wanted to thank you for your kind note. It's so funny that I read it tonight. My mom and I were just talking about who probably greeted him in heaven, and she felt sure it was Erna and Herbert, "speaking perfect German," and I wondered if they would be reuniting with their coffee buddies at a McDonalds or a Dairy Queen. We are lucky to have had such wonderful grandparents."

It really made me feel good to know that others still remember/think of my grandparents as well as their own -- especially when they are grieving. I am glad I had my whole childhood and part of my adulthood enjoying, knowing & loving my grandparents. I deeply treasure those memories. I only regret that Zach never got a chance to know his "Great Granny & Great Pops." (He was only 16 months when Granny passed away; and 20 months when Pops passed away.) Actually, I regret it more...I'm sure Granny could tell me some stories/what to expect w/Zach because he is EXACTLY like my father...a clown and always cutting up!!! YIKES!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I completed my very first half marathon on Sunday, January 18th. What a way to celebrate turning 41 (1/15). I'm very pleased with my performance. My goal was to at least run half of the 13 miles (6.5 miles); but I surpassed that and ran 7.5 miles straight! I walked to 8; then jogged/walked 8 to 10; ran 10 to 11; walked 11 to 12; and ran 12 to 13. I finished in 3:04 hours. I am soooooo pumped! I can't wait to be done with my "recovery" period so I can get back to it! I have to gradually work back up to where I was on race day so that I don't end up with a more damaging injury. A running coach told me I should be able to go for a light run on Saturday. WOOHOOO! Can't WAIT!

I had my hostess clubs (3) on Sunday evening AFTER the marathon. Boy, was I moving slow! Luckily my newest DL, Christa, came to assist. I'm ever so grateful for that! Let me tell you...she's going to be an AWESOME consultant...I can feel it in my [aching back] bones. :) LOL

Our office was closed on Monday, so I had a full day of recuperation, too. That was nice. I honestly don't think I could've worked a full day with the pain I had.

COMING UP: January 17, 2010 -- Chevron/Aramco Half Marathon -- it's on BABY!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Half Marathon -- 2 Days Away

Well, by my post title, I imagine you've figured out that I am attempting the Aramco Half Marathon (which is in conjunction w/the Chevron Marathon) on Sunday, January 18th. I do believe I was insane when I signed up for it back in the spring. I am extremely NERVOUS. My training back then through summer was going great; but then that blasted Hurricane Ike came to Galveston/Houston area and just sent me in a downward spiral; then Wes returning from Afghanistan; and then the holidays. However, I'm sticking to it...I'll be there Sunday morning...probably freezing my buns off because apparently there is a cold front due to arrive between 6:00 & 7:00 a.m. -- with slight rain; but it will be breezy which will probably make it feel ten degrees cooler than it really is...YIKES!!!! I can't believe I'm doing this for the first time at the age of 41!!!! UUGGGHHH...I am NUTS!!!

I have my Scrap in a Snap Hostess Clubs meeting on Sunday afternoon as well. I hope they will be understanding if I am moving VERY SLOW afterwards...especially if I have to go upstairs to get anything from my scrapbook room. Luckily our office is closed on Monday and I can recuperate a little; but I may still go work out lightly so I can work out the soreness.

I'll let you-all know how I do. I've already set Wes' cell phone up to get "alerts" as to where I am during certain "check points" along the way...of course, he would probably have to be awake to hear the alert...hmmmmm....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Being a consultant for Close to my Heart is extremely rewarding to me. I absolutley LOVE it! Of course I'd love more time during the day to do it; but, unfortunately, I must work full-time. (Don't get me wrong...I love my full-time job, too.) Each Monday the "Team" that I'm a part of conducts conference calls. I listen in on as many of them as I can -- LIVE -- or go back and listen to later (they are recorded). Last night's was on team meetings and coaching new recruits. I, myself, am just building my team and I DESIRE to be as good of a leader as some of my other fellow team members. The call was VERY inspirational, motivational and full of knowledge. I can't wait to start putting this information to use with my own team. They deserve a good leader.

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it. Seems like just yesterday we said our I dos! (We've actually been together for almost 24 -- high school sweethearts.) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, WES!!! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


What a WONDERFUL time we had in San Antonio this past weekend. I feel refreshed. The Westin La Cantera is a BEAUTIFUL resort and we can't wait to go back. We even ran in to one of the attorneys that works at our firm. She and her fiance were there inquiring about having their wedding there...I vote for it. :) We had dinner Saturday night at Kirby's Prime Steakhouse and it was FABULOUS!

We did LOTS of shopping at the Shops at La Cantera and The Rim shopping center. It was really nice to get away, and I can't wait to do it again! :)

Now, it's back to the grindstone...UGGGHHH!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


TGIF!!!! I am sooo glad it's Friday. For the first time in our 19 years of marriage, Wes & I are going out of town for our anniversary! We are heading to San Antonio for the weekend, and we have dinner reservations for tomorrow night at what appears to be a very nice steakhouse. There is SHOPPING just across from where we're staying. It'll be so nice to have a relaxing weekend for once!

Another reason I'm excited -- I received notification from Close To My Heart's corporate office telling me that I have a NEW downline -- Christa H.! WHOOHOOO! I am so glad to have her on my team now. She is one of my newest friends that I met perhaps almost two years ago. WELCOME, Christa!!

The weather here in Texas is changing -- AGAIN!! Today's high is supposed to be close to 80; but will be dropping overnight as a Pacific cool front comes down. The old saying is true...if you don't like the weather Texas...just wait a minute and it'll change!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ahhhhhhh....'s always nice to come back from dentist appointment with nice, clean teeth! That's how I spent my lunch hour today. I spent couple visits in November having a root canal done and one filling redone...those weren't much fun because my jaw was sore for DAYS! I really do like my dentist. So, that makes it even better. She's so funny -- and I love the dental hygienists, too. They're all very nice.

Today is Wednesday and it's after 12:00 noon. So, we're on the DOWNHILL SLLLIIIIIIIDDE of the week...WHOOHOOO!!! I'm so looking forward to Friday because Wes and I are ACTUALLY getting away for the weekend for our anniversary -- okay, don't fall over. I know those of you that know us know that we NEVER do anything/go anywhere for our anniversary! Well, we are. We're going to San Antonio -- our FAVORITE city to visit in Texas. Zach's a bit disappointed because we'll be there and he wants to go to the Alamo (sorry, kid...not going -- besides, we're not even going to the Riverwalk, which is ANOTHER first!).

I'm in the midst of cleaning and reorganizing my scrapbook room so that I can get more scrappin' and creatin' done this year. I truly LOVE being a consultant for Close To My Heart, and I really want to be able to create more this year!!! I want to rediscover myself, too. I lost sight of a lot of that this past year with Wes' deployment to Afghanistan. I didn't take care of myself as I should have. I aim/desire to get that back -- and I AM PUMPED!!! (Just have to get through anniversary and birthday next week...UGGHHHH!!!) LOL

There are two movies coming up soon that I would LOVE to go see...1) Renee Zelwegger's new one ("New Town"); and then 2) Kate Hudson's new one ("Bride Wars"). May have to schedule a girls' night sometime soon! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second Semester...

...has FINALLY started for Pearland ISD. I am SOOO glad. I honestly think their Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are TOOO long; but, unfortunately, PISD won't change it.
Our weather has changed --- yet, again. We were about 82 degrees at 1:30 p.m. on 5:30 p.m., I think it was down to 51! Yesterday we didn't get out of the 40's, and I don't think we're going to reach 55 today -- (I can't drive....Fifty-fiiiiiiiiiiiiive!) [sorry...just popped in my head]. :) It's also VERY DREARY today.

Zach's mentor that he had in 1st grade is coming over for dinner tonight. We are looking forward to seeing him. He was TRULY a positive role model and Godsend for Zach during Wes' first deployment to Iraq. He's home on break from college. It'll be good to see him again. We keep in touch with him regularly.
I turned in swap items to my sideline yesterday and I LOVE the ones I got back. Debbie S., my sideline, used Daydream (only ONE of CTMH's new paper packs for Spring) and did it in the green shades -- except for mine she did in pink because we did the same pink layout at Regionals this past fall in San Antonio and I chose to do it in green since I have a boy. So, NOOOOWWW I have two versions and can REALLY show how versatile our paper is. Since the AWESOME new stamp set "Cupcake Sprinkles" was used, I'm thinking I should get a couple of cupcakes and schedule a photo shoot before my Hostess Clubs meet on the 19th...whatcha think??? (I'm sure I'll get AT LEAST one response regarding cupcakes.) ;)

The paper pack I used for the swap items was Emporium, and I love how everything turned out.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I hope that everyone had a very safe and Happy New Year! Ours was quiet. We stayed at home since Wes had to be back at work at 6:00 a.m. on January 1.

I'm trying really hard to keep remembering that today is FRIDAY and not MONDAY....uggghhhh!!! It's bad enough having ONE Monday a week...I don't like it when there's TWO!!!!