Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mmm...Cocoa Mix for Teacher Gifts!

I miss the days of elementary school when it was just a normal routine for the students to give their teachers a gift. Move on up to middle/junior high, kiddos don't want to be singled out as "teacher's pet," or anything else and they sure as heck don't encourage their moms to do anything like that either. I happened to discuss this topic with a couple of my good friends -- who, ironically -- have taught and are teaching my almost 13-year-old. The one who taught him was in elementary, and her sister is in junior high. His junior high teacher said they LOVE getting things, but the kids just don't really bring things in. Usually the moms just leave it with the receptionist. EXCELLENT IDEA! So, that's what I did!
I just LOVE this stamp set, A Sip. It is perfect for cocoa, coffee & tea drinkers. I made a batch of homemade hot cocoa mix and put them in the smaller Mason jars and created this cute tag.

Colors use:

White Daisy

I was actually off on the day I delivered these to the receptionist at the school. To my surprise, guess who hand delivered them? I understand it was Zach! I am TOTALLY impressed!

I also delivered one to his former elementary teacher because she has been instrumental in helping him with his Pre-Algebra math, and I don't think she knows how much we really appreciate her. (SHE'S AWESOME!!!)

Share your favorite homemade gift item to give or receive and how you package it and I'll have a drawing for blog candy! Comments MUST be posted no later than 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve!

Anyway, I hope you-all have a VERY Merry Christmas & a Happy & Safe New Year!