Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ahhhhhhh....'s always nice to come back from dentist appointment with nice, clean teeth! That's how I spent my lunch hour today. I spent couple visits in November having a root canal done and one filling redone...those weren't much fun because my jaw was sore for DAYS! I really do like my dentist. So, that makes it even better. She's so funny -- and I love the dental hygienists, too. They're all very nice.

Today is Wednesday and it's after 12:00 noon. So, we're on the DOWNHILL SLLLIIIIIIIDDE of the week...WHOOHOOO!!! I'm so looking forward to Friday because Wes and I are ACTUALLY getting away for the weekend for our anniversary -- okay, don't fall over. I know those of you that know us know that we NEVER do anything/go anywhere for our anniversary! Well, we are. We're going to San Antonio -- our FAVORITE city to visit in Texas. Zach's a bit disappointed because we'll be there and he wants to go to the Alamo (sorry, kid...not going -- besides, we're not even going to the Riverwalk, which is ANOTHER first!).

I'm in the midst of cleaning and reorganizing my scrapbook room so that I can get more scrappin' and creatin' done this year. I truly LOVE being a consultant for Close To My Heart, and I really want to be able to create more this year!!! I want to rediscover myself, too. I lost sight of a lot of that this past year with Wes' deployment to Afghanistan. I didn't take care of myself as I should have. I aim/desire to get that back -- and I AM PUMPED!!! (Just have to get through anniversary and birthday next week...UGGHHHH!!!) LOL

There are two movies coming up soon that I would LOVE to go see...1) Renee Zelwegger's new one ("New Town"); and then 2) Kate Hudson's new one ("Bride Wars"). May have to schedule a girls' night sometime soon! :)

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