Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friendship Award!

My AWESOME upline, Tina Sutton, sent me this sweet award, and I am ever so grateful and privileged to receive it from her. I would so love to have AT LEAST have the business she does at some point - SOON!! (I'm workin' on it, Tina! ;) ). Take a minute to visit her here because you will definitely be glad you did. She is such an enthusiastically energetic & exciting person -- full of LIFE!!

This is what the award is all about: It is given to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These bloggers are not interested in increasing their own status, but rather aim to find friends and be friends. The hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are born! Now it's my turn to pass this award on to five of my blogging friends. It is a great joy to do so:
Christa (She blogs about her family and her CTMH business that she is building. She is such a fun & considerate gal. I'm lucky to have her on my team!)
Shannon (I have to second the selection of Shannon. Oh my goodness! Talk about a sense of humor- such a girly girl; and she has a heart of GOLD! I've never met Shannon either...but I'm thinking July 2010 will be a GREAT time to meet...maybe in DC??? HA!)
Jennifer (Another friend whom I've not met face-to-face, but she has been an AMAZING source of support for me -- especially in regards to military issues. I look forward to meeting her one day soon, too...hopefully DC in July!!). She is an AMAZING & TALENTED crafter.
Tonya (Have just recently started following Tonya and she is also an AMAZING & TALENTED crafter. Lots of great ideas!)
Karen I am not sure how big of a team Karen has, but she has to be one of the most compassionate people I've seen in a long time. Reading her blog entries makes me think about how wonderful the simple things in life can be and to not get caught up in rat race and to take time for myself...even if it means taking a week away from the computer (which we all know can be difficult at times...HA!) Her artwork is amazing. I would LOVE to meet her some day, too.

Be sure to visit these gals. I know you will want to follow them to keep up with the charm, fun posts, and their amazing artwork!

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  1. Melanie, Thanks so much for this award. I am touched and honored by what you wrote about me. I'd love to meet you too. I hope to meet you in D.C. this summer!