Saturday, August 8, 2009

BFF Award

I have just received another Blog award, and I am so honored and excited. The Idyllhours blog award is the BFF award - Blogger Favorite Friend. Isn't it gorgeous? My wonderful friend and motivator sent this to me. Thank you so much, Tina!!

The rules of this award are: accept the award by commenting on the blog of the person that gave it to you; pass it on to five others; reveal five things you enjoy doing.
So here goes! I am sending the Idyllhours BFF award to Shannon, Debbie, Melissa, Mandy and Paige!
5 Things I Enjoy Doing:
  • Spending time with my family and friends;

  • Scrapbooking with CTMH prodcuts (DUHHHHH!!!) (;

  • Running/Working Out- I completed my first half-marathon (13.2 miles) in January and am working on training for it again -- Aramco Half Marathon -- January 17, 2010 Houston, Texas!

  • Traveling -- looking forward to going to DC for CTMH Convention with my CTMH sisters and meeting LOTS of new ones (& hoping to get to go to one of Tina's retreats in that place, too)!

  • Shopping!

Thanks again Tina... you are the best!


  1. Thank you for the blog award! :)

  2. You are too cool! We are SO hanging out in DC! I'm up for martini's with you and Shannon! Thanks for my prize :)