Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Stamping = Unique Patterned Paper

I LOVE Random Stamping. It is one of the EASIEST techniques and most fun to teach. It's amazing to see all the different creations people can make when using the same stamp set to Random Stamp.

To summarize, random stamping is when you use a minimum of two different stamp images. You ink up and start stamping with the bigger image in the center of the paper and stamp in trianglular movements and rotate your paper so as to get a "unique" look. Don't forget to stamp OFF of the edge!! Once finished with the bigger image, you'll do the same thing with the smaller image. When all random stamping is done, you will have your very own unique patterened paper.

Below are just a couple of samples I've done. I also like that by using the random stamping technique, the "blank" white space staring you in the face. Random stamping gives it a more personal touch.

Want to learn how to add random stamping to your crafting? Let me show you how. Call or e-mail me!

Already like random stamping? Send me your random stamped pages by June 16th and I'll send you a small token for sharing!


  1. Melanie-
    I left you an award on my blog today. Go grab it and enjoy!


  2. Great random stamping. I left a blog award for you on my blog, too.